About shayfit

MY why

Growing up, my older sister Chelsi and I were always very active. We were involved in sports; we loved working out and working hard. Opening a gym was a dream we had hoped we would get to do together someday. Our motivation was to help people feel good – not only in the gym but in life.

Chelsi passed away in 2008.  Although I miss her more than I can say, I am so thankful for the community that has helped our grown our dream through ShayFIT and ShayFIT Gym. We started ShayFIT on Instagram… After posting workouts for years we decided to start a website to offer online programs and now due to the high demand, we have the ShayFIT Gym!

This was something Chelsi and I dreamt of when we were younger and it’s finally happening. We wanted to have this space, gym, and platform to be a place for EVERYONE to feel welcome, and for EVERYONE to feel GOOD when they are here and when they leave. That focus as ShayFIT is what I love most about what I do! It has been so fun and rewarding to hear feedback from someone who does an Ab Challenge, Monthly Training workouts, or comes in to our Gym. My favorite response is when someone says, “I have never felt better or had more confidence. I am not only feeling stronger from the workouts but I’m happier and just feel SO GOOD.” This is what matters to me! This is why I love what I do and I am so grateful for everyone who has and is still supporting me every single day.

The ShayFIT Community is so real and it is something I have always wanted and want to continue to build with you guys! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Everyone deserves to feel a part of something and not feel insecure or self-conscious. Working out shouldn’t be punishment because you hate your body. Working out is a lifestyle that should help you feel happier, stronger, more present, and better about yourself and everything in your life!


What is your class schedule at Shayfit Gym?
Monday LEGS 6-7am, 9-10am, 6-7 pm & 7-8 pm
Tuesday 7-7:45pm HIIT and Abs Class ($5 drop in or FREE if you have a membership)
Wednesday UPPER BODY 6-7am, 9-10am,
6-7 pm & 7-8 pm
Thursday FULL BODY 6-7 pm & 7-8 pm
Friday FULL BODY 6-7 am & 9-10 am
Saturday 9:30-10:15 am HIIT and Abs Class ($5 drop in or FREE if you have a membership)
$100 for the month (12 classes), $50 punch pass/6 classes (buy 5 get 1 free), or $10 drop in
What does your Shayfit Gym membership include?
The membership is $30 per month. It includes your own key to the gym where you will have access 7 days a week! Sign up here!
How much is a punch pass at your gym?
$50 and it gives you 6 classes (buy 5 get 1 free) or $42 if you have a membership
What is the drop in fee for a class at Shayfit Gym?
$10 drop in or $8 drop in if you have a membership
What does the full pregnancy guide include?
Gives you access to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester guides all in one. Learn more here
Do I need equipment for your Online Home Training Calendar?
I would suggest having at least dumbbells. Bands are good too. Sign up here!
When do you offer your Ab Challenges?
February, March, April, May, June, August, September, November, December
How often are you doing your 6 Week Programs?
Quarterly: January, April, July, October
What are your favorite supplements?
Bowmar Nutrition! Shop my favorites here!
Don’t forget to use code “shayfit” for a discount! Also send me a screenshot of your order and I’ll enter you in my drawing for FREE supps!
What is your g2g bar code?
Use Code “SHAYLI” to get a discount!
What is your favorite brand of workout clothes?
Savvi! Check it out @savvi_dreamteam or shop here! 
How do I get your app?
Go to the App Store or Google Play, search Kajabi app, download it, then sign in with the email you signed up with!


Gym H0urs

Monday-Sunday: 5am – 11pm, or if you have a gym membership you get your own key and go when it’s convient for you.  

Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6-7am & 9-10am

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6-7pm & 7-8pm

Tuesday 7-7:45pm HIIT and Abs Class

Saturday 9:30-10:15 HIIT and Abs Class