About Shayfit

About ShayFit

Hi there! My name is Shayli, and I created ShayFit because I wanted an easier, more user-friendly way to train people online. I have a passion for fitness and want to help others achieve their overall health, fitness, and wellness goals so they feel more confident, happy, and good about themselves. My program is different because my members have access to tons of different videos for every different muscle group that they can access anywhere, right from their phone! I have an entire gallery of ten minute workouts that don’t require any equipment for those who need a quick workout. In addition to my videos, my members will also have access to the ShayFit forum where myself and other members will answer any questions you may have, along with my monthly Q&A sessions with the members.

Why did you decide to start Shayfit?

I wanted to create an easier/super user-friendly way to train people online. As my social media fitness career continues to expand I want to help people achieve their overall health and fitness goals, and help them to feel more confident about themselves and life in general. Shayfit was created to help me communicate with more people and help educate more people around the world about fitness!

What makes you a good fitness trainer?

That’s a good question! It seems like everybody has a friend or acquaintance that runs some kind of health/fitness blog these days. I have been certified by the North Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and have qualified for the National Physique Committee bikini competition, twice! Some of the other achievements that add credibility to my teaching include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness
  • Owner and founder of the Shayfit Bootcamp Gym
  • Online training coach and fitness blogger with years of experience
  • Runs the “Ten Minute Tuesday” YouTube fitness channel
  • Warriorfuel Supplements sponsored athlete
  • 361USA sponsored athlete
  • Champion Allstars gym owner
What makes your program different?

Shayfit members have access to hundreds of different workout videos for every muscle group, right on their phone! Among those videos is my ten-minute workout series that enables members to get a good workout in whenever and wherever they are, with little to no equipment needed. I also have a monthly Q&A with my members where I will answer questions and chat with the community members.

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