Workout Schedule – April

Week 2 Day 4 – Triceps and Core

Superset 1 – 4 sets

Single arm tricep kickback - 12 each arm

Holding a DB or small plate perform a tricep kickback on each arm.

Decline bench leg drops - 12 reps

using the ab bench, place hands on the handles at the top while laying on your back, lift legs up and down, keep core tight, don’t let your back arch.

Superset 2 – 4 sets

Cable crunch - 20 reps

using a cable on the high notch (rope attachments), kneel down facing away from the cable, perform a crunch, drive your elbows to your knees, think of tucking your tailbone under at the bottom of each rep.

Tricep rope extensions - 15 reps

Using the cable rope attachment, perform a tricep extension, start with elbows in, extend down then return back to starting position/90 degrees

Superset 3 – 6-7 sets

Bodyweight Tricep Extensions (smith machine bar) - 10 reps

Using smith machine bar, grab bar, walk feet out so body is angled, drop elbows down while pulling head underneath the bar then extend back to starting position.

Hanging weighted knee tucks - 10-12 reps

hang on to a pull up bar or some sort of bar, place a dumbbell or some sort of weight between your feet, (or use no weight), lift knees up to your chest then back down, using your core to bring the weight/your knees up and down.


20 minutes on the Stairmaster.