Workout Schedule – April

Week 3 – Day 1 – Legs

Superset 1 – 4 sets

Hack squat machine (heels together, knees out) - 10 reps

using the hack squat machine, place both feet with heels together on the platform, bend and press knees out, then straighten, keep repeating.

Straight leg DB deadlifts - 12 reps

Start by standing, then bend at the hips keeping back straight and weight right by shins the whole way down to toes, then return, it should stretch the back of your legs.

Superset 2 – 4 sets

TRX lunges - 12 reps

Using the TRX put one foot in the TRX and other foot on ground or bosu (more advanced) push back the leg in the TRX to lunge position then return to standing.

Cable squat - 12 reps

using a handle or some sort of attachment on the low notch on the cable machine, step back far enough to perform a squat up and down, keep back straight don’t hunch.

Superset 3 – 3 sets

Cable swing lateral lunge - 12 each leg

using the cable attachment on the lowest notch, use an ankle attachment on your ankle, standing step out to a lateral lunge then back in to standing.

Barbell good mornings - 12 reps

find a barbell or weighted bar and put it on your back, standing with feet shoulder width apart bend at your hips keeping back straight (weight in your heels) to 90 degrees then stand back up and squeeze your glutes at the top of every rep.


15 minute incline walks/sprints on treadmill.