Barbell Skull Crushers

Using a barbell, lay on your back while holding bar straight up towards the ceiling with both hands. Bend at your elbows to 90 degrees, tilting the barbell towards your forehead, then straighten arms back to starting. Repeat for the required number of reps.

Bench Tricep Dips (Weighted)

Start with your hands and feet on different benches with your butt between them. Place a plate on top of your thighs and balance it on your core, then do dips by slowly lowering your butt towards the ground before returning to starting position.

Dual Overhead Tricep Extensions

Holding 1 dumbbell with both hands behind your head, upper arms pointing straight up while keeping your elbows pointed to the ceiling, drive the weight down below your head then extend your arms to bring the weight straight up over your head. Repeat for the required...

Dumbbell Curl to Drag curl

Grab two dumbbells and hold them with your palms up in front of your legs. Curl up towards your bicep then back down to starting position, then drag elbows up your body to holding the dumbbell 90 degrees, squeezing biceps at the top, then lowering back down. Keep...

Dumbbell Tricep Push-Ups

Grab two dumbbells and place them on the ground in a triangle position. With your hands on the dumbbells perform a push up on your toes (or knees if needed.)

Incline Bench Bar Curls

Using a barbell or weighted bar, lay on a bench set on an incline. Holding the bar in front of you and the bench palms up, curl towards your bicep and back down to starting.

Rope Curls

Using a rope on the lowest notch on the cable, place both hands on the sides of the rope palms facing each other. Pull and curl rope towards biceps, then back down returning to starting position.

Seated Cable Bar Curls

Attach a bar to the lowest notch on the cable and sit down. Rest your elbows on your knees and hold the bar in front of you with your palms up, then curl the bar in towards your body and back to starting position.

Tricep Extension Machine

Using a tricep extension machine, sit down and place both hands on the handles/elbows on the pads. Press out and forward straightening arms out in front of you then return to starting.

Tricep Plate Circles

Using a weighted plate, grab it and hold it above your head with straight arms, then bend down in a circle motion behind and around your head one way, then repeat the opposite way.