Home Workout Schedule – April

Week 3 Day 2 – Circuit Day

Circuit 1 – 6 sets

Modified burpees - 30 sec

start by standing on the ground, bend down touch hands to the ground and jump both feet back to push up position, then jump both feet back in and jump to come up, keep repeating.

Tuck jumps - 30 sec

standing on the ground, bend legs and jump up tucking your knees to your chest.

Front to back frog jumps - 30 sec

Beginning (gram on left) – step one foot at a time forward to frog jump then step one foot at a time back to frog jump, keep moving forward and back, low impact. Intermediate (mom in middle) – perform frog jumps in place. Advanced (me on right) – jump forward and back while doing frog jumps.

Alt. bicycle sprints - 30 sec

laying on your back on the ground, lift your shoulders and one knee to your chest then back down, then repeat lifting other leg, continue alternating.

Plate slide outs - 30 sec

find a paper plate or something that slides on the carpet, place hands on plate and knees on the ground, slide the plate out and in, keep core tight don’t let back arch.

Jack feet, tuck in - 30 sec

start on toes and hands in a push up position, jump both feet apart then back together, then jump both feet and drive knees to chest then jump back out to starting position and keep repeating the sequence, jack feet, tuck in.