Home Workout Schedule – April

Week 4 Day 2 – Lower Body Day

Superset 1 – 4 sets

KB or DB sumo deadlifts - 12 reps

Stand up straight holding a kettlebell or dumbbell between your legs, bend at hips back straight and reach kettlebell through your legs slightly back towards heels, slightly bend knees then return to standing.

Front/back lunge/squat - 10 each leg

Barbell on back or holding DB, lunge forward then back then straight out to squat.

Superset 2 – 4 sets

DB split squats - 12 each leg

Beginning – don’t put back leg on bench and no weights, just lunge on the ground (grandma in the back), Intermediate – (my mom) leg up on bench, don’t go as low each time, use light weights, Advanced – (me) leg up on bench, use heavier weights, go as deep as you can almost touching or touching your knee to the ground each time.

Step back hops - 30 sec each leg

Beginning (gram on left) – step back lunge then lift and touch knee at the top. Intermediate (mom in middle) step back into a lunge then hop at the top while lifting knee. Advanced (me on right) – reach arm to opposite toe while lifting other leg back balancing on one leg, then swing knee through and hop at the top.

Superset 3 – 3 sets

DB lateral slide lunge - 12 each leg

Beginning (grandma on left) – hold no weight, start feet together with one foot on a paper plate or slider other foot on the ground, slide out foot on the plate out to the side keep your leg straight, while lunging the leg on the ground as deep as you can then slide back in to standing/starting position. Intermediate/Advanced (middle and left) – hold medium to heavy DB and try to lunge at least to 90 or deeper each time.

Single leg pistol squats - 10 each leg

Beginning (gram on left) – using a high chair, feet apart, arms out in front, sit down and up on the chair. Intermediate (middle) – using a bench or lower chair, feet apart, bend both knees and sit down then stand up with one leg, until strong enough to use one leg to sit and stand up. Advanced (me on right) – one leg on ground other leg straight out, sit down on bench with one leg and stand up one leg, try to only use that one leg to sit and stand.

Banded squat walk w/ squat jump - 10 each way

using a booty band around your thighs right above your knee, step side to side then squat jump, keep repeating back and forth.