Home Workout Schedule – August

Week 2 – Day 3 – Full Body Circuit

Circuit – Repeat 5-7 Rounds

Front to Back Frog Jumps - 20 reps

Beginning (gram on left) – Step one foot at a time forward to frog jump then step one foot at a time back to frog jump. Keep moving forward and back.

Intermediate (mom in middle) – Perform frog jumps in place.

Advanced (me on right) – Jump forward and back while doing frog jumps.

Ski Abs - 20-25 reps

Starting in push-up position, drive both knees and feet in towards the side of one hand then back to starting position, then jump and drive to the other hand. Continue alternating sides for each rep.

Squat to Tuck Jump - 20 reps

Standing on the ground, jump both feet out into a squat then jump feet back together and drive knees to chest for a tuck jump. Continue alternating squat to tuck jump.

High Knees - 50 reps

Alternate lifting your knees up and down as high as you can get them, as fast or slow as you want to go to get your heart rate up.

Burpee Jack Push-Up - 10-15 reps

Beginning (left example) – Bend over and touch your hands on the ground. Walk one foot back at a time to a push-up on your knees, then walk back into standing.

Intermediate (middle example) – Bend over and jump both feet back to a jack with your feet, then do a push-up and stand back up.

Advanced (right example) – Bend over and jump both feet out and back. Then when you jack your feet out bend and do a push-up at the same time, followed by a push back up and jump feet back together. Stand up and repeat.

Heisman Runs - 50 reps

Beginning (gram on left) – Step and lift opposite knee up then step on other leg and lift the other knee up.

Intermediate (mom in middle) – Slightly hop on one leg and lift the opposite knee up and hold, then switch and lift the other knee up.

Advanced (me on the right) – Alternate hopping fast and quickly lifting knees up high each time.