Home Workout Schedule – January

Week 1 – Day 1 –¬†Lower Body


Jumping jack - 1 min

Beginning (gram on left) – perform regular jumping jacks.

Intermediate (mom in the middle) – perform a jumping jack and then alternate lifting one knee at a time.

Advanced (me on the right) – perform jumping jack and full tuck jump.

Squat to knee lift - 1 min

Beginning (gram on left) – start standing, bend knees to a squat then lift and touch one knee with hand, squat then lift other knee, keep alternating.

Intermediate (middle) – squat and lift opposite knee to opposite hand, slight hopping.

Advanced (me on right) – squat really deep, then touch opposite knee to opposite elbow, keep repeating.

Stretch legs or foam roll - 5 min

Superset 1

Single leg pistol squats - 10 each leg

stand on one leg then sit down to a bench or lower dumbbell, touch your bum then stand back up, try to not touch the other leg, but you can if you need to modify.

DB single leg RDL's - 4 sets of 12 each leg

Beginning (gram on left) – hold a DB in same arm as leg on the ground, hold onto wall or chair with other hand for balance, bend and reach weight to toe kicking other leg up and back, then return to standing, keep back flat it should stretch the back of your leg each time you reach down.

Intermediate/advanced – don’t hold on to wall or chair if you can while reaching down and up.

Superset 2

Squat to curtsy lunges - 12 each leg

Beginning/Intermediate (gram on the left/mom in the middle) – I would try with no weight at first until you feel like you have correct form, start feet together, step out to a squat then feet together, then step back on an angle, keep hips forward into a curtsy lunge, then back to starting. Advanced (me on the right) – use a heavy DB

Intermediate (my mom in the middle) – Holding two medium weights, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at the waist and reach down towards your toes with a flat back and a slight bend in your knees so it stretches the back of your legs, then stand.

Advanced (me) – Holding heavy dumbbells, bend at the waist and reach all the way down to your toes with a flat back so it stretches the back of your legs. Keep your legs as straight as you can, then stand.

Squat jumps - 30 seconds

Beginning – (my grandma) stand with feet apart, bend knees into a squat then stand, no jump at the top.

Intermediate – (my mom in the middle) start feet together then jump feet apart into a squat then return to starting position.

Advanced – (me) start feet apart, bend knees into a squat and jump up and down keep repeating, keep feet apart the whole time.

Split squats (at home) - 3 SETS OF 15 each leg

put your back leg up on a stool, chair, or couch of some sort, other foot on the ground, bend and lunge down and up, make sure you aren’t letting your knee go over your toe, keep weight in the middle, focus on pushing through your heel on the ground.

Superset 3

Switching lunges (at home)

start in a lunge position, jump and switch to the other lunge, continue alternating.

Paper plate slide back lunge - 12 each leg

using a paper plate at home, place one foot on the paper plate and the other on the ground, start feet together, then slide back with the foot on the plate bending the other leg in to a lunge, then slide back in, focus on sliding with glute and hamstring.

Squat hold (at home) - 1 MIN 3-4x or until failure

stand on the ground, feet apart, bend knees and hold a squat position at the bottom.