Home Workout Schedule – January

Week 2 – Day 3 – Full Body Circuit


Stretch/foam roll if you have one - 5 min
Jump rope - 2 sets of 1 min

pretend you have a jump rope or you can use an actual jump rope if you want, beginning level is on the left, intermediate level is in the middle and advanced is high knee jumps on the right.

Jumping jacks - 1-2 min

Beginning (gram on left) – perform regular jumping jacks.

Intermediate (mom in the middle) – perform a jumping jack and then alternate lifting one knee at a time.

Advanced (me on the right) – perform jumping jack and full tuck jump.

Circuit 1:

Ice skaters (at home) - 45 sec, 10 sec rest

step to the side and reach opposite hand to opposite toe, stepping back one leg into a lunge at the same time then hop and touch/lunge other side, continue hopping back and forth.

Squat to lunge jumps (at home)- 45 sec, 10 sec rest

start with feet apart bend legs and do a squat then jump right into a lunge, then back to squat, then jump to other lunge, continue alternating.

Mtn. climber slides - 45 sec, 10 sec rest

find two paper plates or two things that slide on the carpet, get in a push up position hands and toes on the ground, one foot on each plate, alternate driving knees into your chest/sliding plates in and out alternating.

High knee taps (at home) - 45 sec, 10 sec rest

stand in front of a chair or bench at your house, alternate lifting your knees to your chest and tapping your foot on the top of the chair each time.

Up up down downs (at home) - 45 sec, 5-6 rounds

start in a push up position on the ground, toes and hands, then drop to one elbow at a time, then press back up one arm at a time back to starting position on your hands, keep walking hands and elbows up up down down.