Home Workout Schedule – June

Week 3 – Day 3 – Full Body Circuit

Try to only rest for 10-15 seconds between each exercise. Rest for a few minutes between each round.

Switch Kicks – 45 seconds

Lift one leg straight up in front of you, then jump and lift the other leg straight out. Continue alternating legs with each kick.

High Knee Taps – 45 seconds

Standing in front of a chair or bench at your house, alternate lifting your knees to your chest and tapping your foot on the top of the chair each time.

Candlestick Jumps – 45 seconds

Starting in a standing position, sit and roll, shooting your legs up to the ceiling. Then roll back up to standing and jump at the top.

Tuck Jumps – 45 seconds

Bend legs and jump up tucking your knees to your chest.

Ski Abs- 45 seconds

Starting in push-up position, drive both knees and feet in towards the side of one hand then back to starting position, then jump and drive to the other hand. Continue alternating sides for each rep.

Alternating Bicycle Sprints – 45 seconds

Laying on your back, lift your shoulders and one knee to your chest then back down. Repeat while alternating legs until the desired number of reps is reached.

Repeat 5-6 Rounds