Home Workout Schedule – June

Week 4 – Day 3 – Full Body Circuit

Try to only rest for 10-15 seconds between each exercise. Rest for a few minutes between each round.

Mountain Climber Slides – 40 seconds

Find two paper plates or two things that slide on the carpet. Get in a push-up position with your hands and toes on the ground and one foot on each plate. Alternate driving knees into your chest/sliding plates in and out alternating.

Touch Hops – 40 seconds

Standing on the ground, step back one leg to the side into a lunge and reach a hand to your toes, then jump and switch to the other side lunge. Keep alternating side to side lunges.

Squat to Tuck Jump – 40 seconds

Standing on the ground, jump both feet out into a squat then jump feet back together and drive knees to chest for a tuck jump. Continue alternating squat to tuck jump.

Ice Skaters – 40 seconds

Step to the side and reach opposite hand to opposite toe, stepping back one leg into a lunge at the same time then hop and touch/lunge on the other side. Continue hopping back and forth.

Alternating Toe Tap Abs – 40 seconds

While laying on your back, lift shoulders and legs off the ground. Alternate lifting one leg up at a time and reach opposite toe to opposite hand. Continue alternating while reaching for your toes.

Repeat 5-7 Rounds