Workout Schedule – March

Week 2 Day 3 – Circuit Day

Circuit 1 – 4 sets

Jack feet, tuck in - 40 sec

start on toes and hands in a push up position, jump both feet apart then back together, then jump both feet and drive knees to chest then jump back out to starting position and keep repeating the sequence, jack feet, tuck in.

Mtn. climber slides - 40 sec

find two paper plates or two things that slide on the carpet, get in a push up position hands and toes on the ground, one foot on each plate, alternate driving knees into your chest/sliding plates in and out alternating.

Jump Rope – 3 minutes

Circuit 2 – 4 sets

Jumping jack, tuck jump - 40 sec

Beginning (gram on left) – perform regular jumping jacks. Intermediate (mom in the middle) – perform a jumping jack and then alternate lifting one knee at a time. Advanced (me on the right) – perform jumping jack and full tuck jump.

Burpees - 40 sec

Beginning (gram on the left) – standing, then reach down walk feet out one at a time then back in to standing, keep repeating. Intermediate (mom in the middle) – standing, then reach down jump both feet back and out then back in to standing. Advanced (me on the right) – standing, then reach down jump both feet back into a push up then back in to a jump at the top.

Jump Rope – 3 minutes

Circuit 3 – 3-4 sets

Alt. v-ups - 40 sec

Beginning (example on left) – don’t lay all the way down, alternate driving your knees in one at a time, keep core engaged and tight. Intermediate (middle example) – lay on back alternate driving one knee in at a time to opposite elbow, keep core tight. Advanced (right example) – lay on back, keep shoulders and legs off the whole time, drive upper body to legs alternating v – ups, use core to lift body up each time.

Donkey kicks - 40 sec

Hands on the ground, drive hips up with weight in shoulders and hop side to side. Beginning (gram on the left) – side step side to side or low impact hops. Intermediate (mom in the middle) – low hops side to side. Advanced (me on the right) – big hops side to side, drive hips high.

Jump Rope – 3 minutes


Stairmaster – 15-20 minutes