Home Workout Schedule – November

Week 2 – Day 3 – Full Body Circuit

Circuit 1

Complete the following circuit 5-6 times, with a 10 second rest between each exercise.

Ice Skaters - 45 seconds

Step to the side and reach opposite hand to opposite toe, stepping back one leg into a lunge at the same time then hop and touch/lunge on the other side. Continue hopping back and forth.

Burpee, Jack, Push-Up - 45 seconds

Beginning (left example) – Bend over and touch your hands on the ground. Walk one foot back at a time to a push-up on your knees, then walk back into standing.

Intermediate (middle example) – Bend over and jump both feet back to a jack with your feet, then do a push-up and stand back up.

Advanced (right example) – Bend over and jump both feet out and back. Then when you jack your feet out bend and do a push-up at the same time, followed by a push back up and jump feet back together. Stand up and repeat.

Alternating V-Ups - 45 seconds

Beginning (example on left) – Don’t lay all the way down. Alternate driving your knees in one at a time, keep core engaged and tight.

Intermediate (middle example) – Lay on your back and alternate driving one knee in at a time to the opposite elbow, keeping core tight.

Advanced (right example) – Lay on your back, keeping shoulders and legs off of the ground the whole time. Drive upper body to legs alternating v – ups, using your core to lift your body up each time.

Heisman Runs - 45 seconds

Beginning (gram on left) – Step and lift opposite knee up then step on other leg and lift the other knee up.

Intermediate (mom in middle) – Slightly hop on one leg and lift the opposite knee up and hold, then switch and lift the other knee up.

Advanced (me on the right) – Alternate hopping fast and quickly lifting knees up high each time.

Jump Rope - 45 seconds

If you don’t have an actual jump rope just pretend you do and still do the jump rope motion with your arms and jumping through your legs up and down, or you can use a real jump rope.