Workout Schedule – January

Week 1 – Day 1 – Back and Biceps


Foam roll – 5 min

Treadmill incline walks – Incline: 15-25 2 min

Treadmill jog – Incline 2.0-3.0/Speed 6.0-7.0 4-5 min

Superset 1

Single arm cable pull downs - 10 each arm

Alt. DB bicep curls - 4 sets of 12 each arm

Start with arm by your side, curl weight towards your body and back down, focus on only using your bicep, keep elbow close to side.

Cardio Burst

Modified burpees - 2 sets of 40 sec

Start by standing on the ground, bend down touch hands to the ground and jump both feet back to push up position, then jump both feet back in and jump to come up, keep repeating.

Superset 2

Hammer cable rope curls (single arm) - 10 each arm

Seated single arm cable pull downs - 4 sets of 10 each arm

Cardio Burst

High knees - 2 sets of 40 sec

Standing on the ground, alternate lifting your knees up and down, high knees, as fast or slow as you want to go to get your heart rate up.

Superset 3

Single arm mid rows (machine) - 15 each arm

Reverse curls - 4 sets of 10 reps

Start by holding a barbell or dumbbells palms facing down, elbows in, curl towards your body then back down.