Workout Schedule – January

Week 1 – Day 3 – Triceps and Core


Foam roll

5 min

Treadmill incline walks

Incline: 15-25 2 min

Treadmill jog

Incline 2.0-3.0/Speed 6.0-7.0 4-5 min

Superset 1

Tricep bar push downs - 12-15 reps

Cable crunch twists 4 sets of 15-20 each side

use a rope attachment on the high notch, sit on the ground facing the cable holding onto the rope, pull towards your body and twist side to side, crunching your abs/obliques each time, continue alternating.

Cardio Burst

Jump Rope – 2 sets of 1:30

Superset 2

TRX bodyweight tricep extensions - 10 reps

using the TRX, grab handles with hands, walk feet out so your body is at an angle, drop elbows down and pull head through, then extend back out to starting position. (the farther your feet are the harder it will be on your core, closer is easier.)

TRX plank oblique tuck ins - 4 sets of 15 each side

put both feet into a TRX strap, hands on the ground in a push up position, drive knees to chest, side to side, keep repeating and alternating sides.

Cardio Burst

Jump Rope – 2 sets of 1:30


Single arm tricep kickbacks - 12 each arm

Holding a DB or small plate perform a tricep kickback on each arm.

Seated leg lifts - 10-15 reps

sitting on a bench, place a dumbbell or no weight between your feet, sit back slightly to engage your core, lift knees to chest up and down, keep repeating.

Tricep rope extensions - 3 sets of 15 reps

Using the cable rope attachment, perform a tricep extension, start with elbows in, extend down then return back to starting position/90 degrees