Workout Schedule – January

Week 1 – Day 5 – Legs and Plyos


Stair master

Level 6-10/1:30 skipping steps

Level 10-12 holding on to handles skip steps/glute kickback/1 min

Level 16 backwards walks holding on 2 min

Repeat 3-4x or until legs feel warm

Superset 1

Goblet split squat – 15 each leg

holding a DB underneath your chin with both hands, put back leg up on a bench other foot on the ground, bend both legs into a lunge, keep weight back and push through heels, don’t let front knee on the ground go over your toe, keep lunging up and down.

Front lunge/back lunge/squat – 8 each leg, 4x


Banded squat jumps– 2 sets of 40 seconds

Using the booty band around thighs or ankles bend to a squat then jump out of it continuously

Superset 2

Banded moving squats – 24 total (12 each way)

Using a booty band, around ankles or right above knees, staying in a low squat the entire time walking squats side to side.

Prowler squat hops – down/back on turf or 10 jumps down/10 jumps back, 4x

Using prowler push it down and back doing squat jumps.


Switching lunges– 2 sets of 40 seconds

Lunge to lunge, jumping, alternating..


High step ups – 10 each leg

Using a high step, start on ground and other leg on high step, push through heel and glute of the leg on the step to stand up, try not to use foot on the ground, then return to starting.

Slide back lunge to lateral lunge – 10 each leg

Using a slider on one foot other foot on the grass, slide back lunging the front leg and keeping the slider leg straight then bring your foot back in then slide foot out to the side then bring it back in, keep repeating back and side.

Bosu lunge, squat, front lunge – 10 each leg

place a bosu ball on the ground with the blue side up, one foot on the ball back lunge, then side squat, then front lunge, keeping the one foot on the ball the entire time, then repeat with other foot.

Long squat jumps – down/back on turf or 10 down/10 back, 2-3x or until failure

Find a turf area or anywhere that is kind of a long space, bend your legs and hop/jump forward continually, pushing through your legs, long and far.