Workout Schedule – January

Week 2 – Day 1 – Shoulders and Rear delts


Jump Rope – 1 minutes

DB lateral raises - (5 lbs. (super LIGHT WEIGHT) 20 reps, 5-6x or until your shoulders feel warm

Superset 1

Machine lateral raises – 10-15 reps

using a machine, place forearms under the pads, lift to 90 then back down, using your shoulders.

Single arm cable rear delt lift – 12 each arm, 4x

using a cable machine on the lowest attachment, standing but bend over with back straight, hold cable with one hand straight arm, lift out to the side using only your delt out and in.

Cardio burst:

Jump Rope – 3 minutes

Superset 2

Shoulder bombs – 8-10 total (full front/full lateral = 1 rep)

Bent over front to rear delt lift – 10 total each arm, 5x

holding a DB or small plate, place a knee on a bench bend at the hips and lift the weight front to side focusing on your rear delt muscle.

Cardio burst:

Jump Rope – 3 minutes


Rear delt negatives w/ 3 sec pause – 10 reps

using a rear delt machine, pull both arms out slow/controlled, then hold at the back, then return to beginning.

Up up down downs – 15-20 reps

on the ground get on your hands and feet (push up position), bend your arms one at a time to go down to a plank position keeping your core tight, then push back up one arm at a time to push up position, keep alternating up up down down.

Bent over rear delt DB flys – 10 reps, 3x

bend at the hips, back flat, hold two DB straight down in front of you, lift both arms out to the sides leading with your pinky to 90 degrees then back to starting.