Workout Schedule – January

Week 2 – Day 3 – Legs


Stair master

Level 6-10/1:30 skipping steps

Level 10-12 holding on to handles skip steps/glute kickback/1 min

Level 16 backwards walks holding on 2 min

Repeat 3-4x or until legs feel warm

Superset 1

Cable deadlift pull throughs – 12 reps

Single leg standing pistol squats – 6-8 each leg, 4x

stand on one leg then sit down to a bench or lower dumbbell, touch your bum then stand back up, try to not touch the other leg, but you can if you need to modify.

Superset 2

Landmine goblet box squats – 10-12 reps

using the landmine barbell, stack plates or a small step behind you, standing in front of the step hold the landmine at your chest under chin, squat all the way down to sitting on the bench/plates then stand up.

Bosu single leg RDL – 10-12 each leg, 4x

Hold DB in hand then reach to opposite foot while other foot kicks back, keep knee mostly straight so it stretches the back of your leg, push through heel on ground.


Low step squat to curtsy lunge – 10 each leg (20 total)

Using a low step or bench, start both feet together standing, then step one leg back and off step on an angle into a curtsy lunge then bring foot back on to step and do a squat with both legs, then lift other leg off and back into curtsy lunge then back to a squat on the step, keep alternating.

Hamstring ball curls – 12-15 reps

Prowler push – down/back on turf or 16-20 steps down and back, 3-4x or until burn out

Using the prowler just run down and back.

Long squat jumps – down/back on turf or 10 down/10 back, 2-3x or until failure

Find a turf area or anywhere that is kind of a long space, bend your legs and hop/jump forward continually, pushing through your legs, long and far.