Workout Schedule – January

Week 2 – Day 5 – Upper body and Abs


Jump rope - 1 min

DB lateral raises - (5 lbs. (super LIGHT WEIGHT) 20 reps, 5-6x or until your shoulders feel warm

Superset 1

Twisting toe taps - 20 total

Get on your hands and toes, butt in the air on the ground, alternate swinging one leg through and tapping opposite toe, then switch drive other leg through tapping other toe, keep alternating.

Burpee curl to press - 12 reps

Holding two DB’s perform a burpee then when you stand up do a bicep curl to shoulder press with the DB’s. Keep repeating.

Sit ups w/DB reach - 25 reps, 3x

Using a barbell or no weight (modification), lay on your back, hold the barbell straight arms in front of your face, perform a sit up.

Superset 2

Cable ab tuck ins - 10-15 reps

Laying on the ground, put both feet in a cable strap with straight legs, pull knees in towards your chest engaging your core, keep repeating.

Low cable curl - 12 each arm, 4x

Place the cable to the lowest notch with a handle, starting with your arm straight towards the cable, then pull the cable towards your bicep and back, keep your elbow up, focus on only using your bicep to curl.


Cable single arm push downs - 12 each arm

Standing feet shoulder width holding the cable keeping your elbow close to your body and only pulling down with your tricep, don’t use your shoulder to help pull the cable down.

Upper crunch/lower crunch - 10-15 reps

Laying on the ground, lift shoulders off the ground into an ab crunch, then lift both legs and hips off the ground crunching your lower abs, keep alternating.

Bench tricep dips (weighted) - 20 reps, 3 - 4x