Workout Schedule – January

Week 3 – Day 4 – Biceps


Foam roll – 5 min

Treadmill incline walks – Incline: 15-25 2 min

Treadmill jog – Incline 2.0-3.0/Speed 6.0-7.0 4-5 min

Superset 1

Alternating curls (up hammer curl, down regular curl) – 10-12 total

Alternating curls, start with hammer curl up then rotate at the top and come down regular curl style, then switch, alternating the whole time.

Rope curls – 15 reps, 4x

Using a rope on the lowest notch on the cable, place both hands on the sides of the rope palms facing each other, pull and curl rope towards biceps, then back down returning to starting position.


Incline bench bar curls – 12 reps

using a barbell or weighted bar, lay on the bench with it on an incline, holding the bar in front of you and the bench palms up, then curl towards bicep and back down to starting.

DB curl to drag curl – 10 total, 5x

grab two DB, hold them with your palms up in front of your legs, curl up towards your bicep for a curl then back down to starting position, then drag elbows up your body to holding the DB 90 degrees squeezing biceps at the top then lowering back down, keep alternating between the two.


High cable curl – 12 each arm

Place the cable to the highest notch with a handle, starting with your arm straight towards the cable, then pull the cable towards your bicep and back, keep your elbow up, focus on only using your bicep to curl.

Circle curls (Hammer to outside) – 10 reps, 3x

Start by holding both dumbbells by your side, Hammer curl up to the top circling outwards and returning to starting position.

Circle curls (Outside to hammer) – 10 reps, 3x

Start by holding both dumbbells by your side, outside curl up to the top circling in towards each other and returning to the bottom in hammer curl position.