Workout Schedule – January

Week 3 – Day 5 – Glute focused leg day


Stair master

Level 6-10/1:30 skipping steps

Level 10-12 holding on to handles skip steps/glute kickback/1 min

Level 16 backwards walks holding on 2 min

Repeat 3-4x or until legs feel warm

Superset 1

Smith machine split squats – 12 each leg

Glute focused back extensions – 20 reps, 4x

Using the back extension machine, holding a barbell or plate at the bottom, then squeeze glutes to bring your upper body up, don’t arch your back at all just use glutes to bring your body up.

Superset 2

Slide back straight leg lunges – 10 each leg

Holding two DB on each side, one slider on one foot with other foot on the ground, start feet together then slide other foot back to lunge position, then return, keeping the sliding leg straight the entire slide.

Straight leg DB deadlifts – 12 reps, 4x

Start by standing, then bend at the hips keeping back straight and weight right by shins the whole way down to toes, then return, it should stretch the back of your legs.


Cable swing lateral lunge – 12 each leg

Using the cable attachment on the lowest notch, use an ankle attachment on your ankle, standing step out to a lateral lunge then back in to standing.

Cable kickbacks – 15 each leg, 3x

One foot in cable, other on the ground, push through your heel with the cable on it to extended position backwards, then return to start


Single leg hip lifts (at home) – 15 each leg

Place one foot up on a chair or bench, other leg to ceiling, push through foot on bench lifting hips to ceiling then back down, keep repeating, squeeze glutes at the top of every rep.

Banded duck walks – 24 total (12 each way), 2-3x