Workout Schedule – January

Week 4 – Day 3 – Legs


Stair master

Level 6-10/1:30 skipping steps

Level 10-12 holding on to handles skip steps/glute kickback/1 min

Level 16 backwards walks holding on 2 min

Repeat 3-4x or until legs feel warm

Superset 1 – 4 sets

Hamstring curls (on machine/single leg) – 10 each leg

Using a hamstring machine, pull heel towards your glute then return to starting position.

Banded reverse hack squats – 12 reps

Use the hack squat machine so you’re facing the part where your back should go, put a band around your legs right above your knees, bend into a squat and pulse at the bottom then stand up, keep repeating.

Superset 2 – 4 sets

High step ups to low front lunges – 8 each leg

KB backwards walking lunges – 20 total (10 each leg)

Superset 3 – 4 sets

Deadlift to slide back lunge – 10 each leg

grab a slider or something that slides on the turf and a DB, hold DB in same hand as the same foot that is on the slider, holding the DB reach down to your toe into a deadlift then stand back up and slide back the foot that is on the slider bending the other leg that is on the ground, then repeat.

Box bar deadlifts – 12 reps

using the box/octagon bar, hold it on both sides, bend at your waist keep legs straight/slightly bent, to 90 degrees then stand up, push through heels and glutes and hamstrings.