Workout Schedule – June

Week 4 – Day 4 – Glute & Plyo Circuit

Superset 1

Banded Squat Jumps – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Using the booty band around thighs or ankles, bend to a squat then jump out of it continuously.

Split Squat Hops – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Start with your back leg on a bench or box and the other leg on the ground. Do lunge hops.

Superset 2

Jump Rope – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Double Jumps – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Alternate between a squat jump to lunge jump.

Superset 3

Bench Sprints – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Using a bench or step of some sort, start with one foot up on the bench. Step up and switch to the other foot on the bench and keep alternating to create a sprinting/stepping motion to get your heart rate up.

In and Out Squat Jumps – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Starting with both feet together and both knees bent in a squat position, jump both feet out into a squat, then jump back in. Keep alternating between the two positions (feet together squat, feet apart squat.)

Superset 4

Banded Moving Squats – 5 sets of 45 seconds

Use a booty band around the ankles or right above the knees. Stay in a low squat the entire time while doing walking squats side to side.

Up and Over Bench Taps – 5 sets of 20 seconds per leg


Treadmill Intervals – 10-20 minutes