Banded Lunge Hops

Place a band around your legs right above your knees and step back one leg into a lunge. Hop up and down staying in the lunge the entire time.

Banded Step Back Lunge

Place a band around your legs right above knees and hold two dumbbells by your sides. Step one leg back into a lunge then stand back up while bringing your foot back in. Keep repeating for the desired number of reps.

Barbell Good Mornings

Find a barbell or weighted bar and put it on your back. Standing with feet shoulder width apart bend at your hips, keeping your back straight with your weight in your heels. Then stand back up and squeeze your glutes at the top of every rep.

Barbell Lateral Lunge

Find a barbell or some sort of weighted bar and put it on your back. Start with feet together then step to the side with one leg and bend it into a lunge while keeping the other leg straight, then come back to starting position.

Box Bar Deadlifts

Using the box/octagon bar, hold it on both sides. While keeping your legs straight/slightly bent, bend at your waist to 90 degrees then stand back up, pushing through heels and glutes/hamstrings.

Box Bar Squats

Using a box-shaped bar, stand in front of a low bench or step. Holding the bar with both arms by your side sit down onto the box keeping your back straight, then stand back up.

Cable Squats

Using a handle or some sort of attachment on the lowest notch on the cable machine, step back far enough to perform a squat up and down. Be sure to keep your back straight and don't hunch over.

Cable Swing Lateral Lunge

Using the cable machine on the lowest notch, secure an ankle attachment to your ankle. While standing, step out to a lateral lunge then back into standing. Repeat for the required number of reps.

Dumbbell Deadlift Duo

Grab two dumbbells and hold them by your sides. Bend at your hips while keeping your back straight and keeping the dumbbells right by your shins all the way to your toes. Stand back up and repeat with your feet together.

Glute Extension Machine

Using a glute extension (kickback) machine, place one foot on the plate and other leg standing on the ground. Press through the heel that is on the footplate to extend back and squeeze glutes at extension every time.

Goblet Split Squat

Holding a dumbbell underneath your chin with both hands put back leg up on a bench other foot on the ground and bend both legs into a lunge, keeping weight back and pushing through the heels. Don't let your front knee on the ground go over your toe. Keep lunging up...

Hamstring Machine (Laying)

Lay with your belly on the hamstring machine with your legs down then drive your heels in towards your butt squeezing your hamstrings. Return to starting position.

Heel Lifted Landmine Deadlifts

Place the barbell in the notch on the ground, then place a plate underneath one heel. Hold the barbell in your hands in front of you and reach down towards your toe, keeping your leg slightly bent so it stretches your hamstring. Return to standing and continue for the...

In and Out Squat Jumps

Starting with both feet together and both knees bent in a squat position, jump both feet out into a squat, then jump back in. Keep alternating between the two positions (feet together squat, feet apart squat.)

Kneeling Squats

Using a smith machine or barbell on your back, kneel down and place a pad or mat under your knees. Sit back and drive your hips back so that your glutes sit on your feet. Keep your back straight and squeeze your glutes when you return to starting position.

Long Squat Jumps

Find a turf area or anywhere that is kind of a long space. Bend your legs and hop/jump forward continually, pushing through your legs, long and far.

Low Step Curtsy Lunge

Stack 3 plates or find a low bench and stand on top of it holding dumbbells by your side. Step back with one leg off the step into a curtsy lunge then stand back up and swing your knee up. Keep repeating with the same leg for multiple reps, then switch legs and do it...

Low Step Squat to Curtsy Lunge

Using a low step or bench, stand with both feet together. Step one leg back and off step on an angle into a curtsy lunge then bring your foot back onto the step and do a squat with both legs, then lift the other leg off and back into a curtsy lunge then back to a...

Overhead TRX Lunge

Hold a barbell with straight arms above your head and place your back leg in a TRX strap with the other leg on the ground. Push back through your TRX leg into a lunge then stand back up, keeping your core tight the whole time.

Plie Squat (Banded)

Using a squat machine, put a band around your legs right above knees and place both your feet with your heels together on the pad. Bend both knees out then straighten back up to starting position.

Single Leg Hack Squats

Using the hack squat machine, place one foot on the side edge of the plate where your feet go and bend your other leg to reach your foot to the ground, then stand back up.

Single Leg Standing Pistol Squats

Stand on one leg then sit down to a bench or lower dumbbell, touch your bum, then stand back up. Try to not touch the other leg, but you can if you need to modify for an easier exercise.

Single, Single, Dual RDL’s

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand up and hold them by your side. Reach them down to one toe kicking your other leg up behind you (keep back straight with the leg slightly bent to stretch back of hamstring) then stand up and repeat using the other leg, then repeat...

Slide Back Lunge to Lateral Lunge

Using a slider on one foot with the other foot on the grass, slide back lunging the front leg and keeping the slider leg straight. Bring your foot back in then slide foot out to the side then bring it back in. Keep repeating, alternating from back to side.

Smith Machine Stationary Lunge

Start with either the smith machine or a barbell on your back. Step back on one leg and bend both legs into a lunge then stand back up. Keep feet apart the whole time while lunging up and down, then switch legs.

Squat to Lunge Jumps

Start with your feet apart. Bend your legs and do a squat then jump your right leg into a lunge, then back to squat, then jump your left leg into a lunge. Continue alternating throughout the exercise.

Step Back Landmine Lunges

Using the barbell on the ground attachment, place it on one shoulder and step back with one leg into a lunge then return to standing.

Step Back Lunge to Curtsy Lunge

Start with a barbell on your shoulders and standing with your feet together. Step one leg straight back into a lunge then barely lift and take that same foot into a curtsy lunge then come back to starting position.

Step Back Lunge to Good Morning

Using the smith machine or a barbell, place the bar on your back and your feet together. Step one leg back bending both legs into a lunge then bring your foot back into standing position. Next, bend your hips at a 90-degree angle, keeping your back straight, then...

TRX Pistol Squat to Lunge

While holding on to the TRX straps perform a single leg pistol squat then step back to a lunge after finishing the pistol squat. You can try this without holding on to the TRX strap for a more advanced exercise.