Workout Schedule – March

Week 1 Day 4 – Plyo/Circuit Day

Superset 1 – 4 sets

Modified burpees - 30 sec

start by standing on the ground, bend down touch hands to the ground and jump both feet back to push up position, then jump both feet back in and jump to come up, keep repeating.

High Knee Medicine Ball Taps – 30 seconds

Grab a med ball or a low step and run in place driving your knees up, alternating tapping each foot on top of the ball or step. Keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

Jump Rope – 2 sets of 90 seconds

Superset 2 – 4 sets

Burpee curl to press - 30 sec

holding two DB’s perform a burpee then when you stand up do a bicep curl to shoulder press with the DB’s. Keep repeating.

Squat to Lunge Alternating Jumps – 30 sec

Start with your feet apart. Bend your legs and do a squat then jump your right leg into a lunge, then back to squat, then jump your left leg into a lunge. Continue alternating throughout the exercise.

Jack feet, tuck in - 2 sets of 1 min

start on toes and hands in a push up position, jump both feet apart then back together, then jump both feet and drive knees to chest then jump back out to starting position and keep repeating the sequence, jack feet, tuck in.

Superset 3 – 4 sets

One arm burpee - 30 sec

standing on the ground place one arm on the ground and jump both feet back and out to a push up position, other arm up above head for balance, then jump both feet in and jump up to the start, keep repeating.

Bench Sprints – 30 sec

Using a bench or step of some sort, start with one foot up on the bench. Step up and switch to the other foot on the bench and keep alternating to create a sprinting/stepping motion to get your heart rate up.

Switching lunges - 2 sets of 30 sec

Lunge to lunge, jumping, alternating.


6 sets of 30 second sprint/10 second rest on treadmill