Workout Schedule – March

Week 3 Day 4 – Glutes and Hamstrings

Superset 1 – 4 sets

Hamstring curls (on machine/single leg) - 12 each leg

Using a hamstring machine, pull heel towards your glute then return to starting position.

Good mornings (heels lifted) - 12 reps

Use a barbell on your back, put a plate under each heel to elevate, bend at hips to 90 degrees, pushing back through glutes then stand back up

Superset 2 – 4 sets

Straight leg cable kickback - 15 each leg

One foot in a cable strap, standing with other leg on the ground, lift leg up and straight back squeezing glute at the top of every rep.

Cable deadlift pull throughs - 12 reps

standing facing away from the cable, hold a strap between legs, bend at hips back straight, stretching the back of your hamstrings, reaching towards the cable, then return to standing.

Superset 3 – 3-4 sets

Box bar deadlifts - 12 reps

using the box/octagon bar, hold it on both sides, bend at your waist keep legs straight/slightly bent, to 90 degrees then stand up, push through heels and glutes and hamstrings.

Barbell hip thrusts - 10 reps

place a barbell on your hips with your shoulders up on a bench, dip and lower your butt to the ground then press hips to the ceiling and squeeze your glutes at the top of every rep.

Banded squat jumps - 30 sec

Using the booty band around thighs or ankles bend to a squat then jump out of it continuously


15 minutes on the treadmill.