Workout Schedule – March

Week 4 Day 3 – Back

Superset 1 – 6 sets

T bar high row - 6 reps

Using the barbell on the ground attachment, slightly bent over with back straight, use the T bar attachment with handles on each side, pull bar to chest squeezing your shoulder blades together each time.

Incline bench DB low rows - 6 reps (heavy)

put the bench on an incline, lay with stomach on the bench, holding two dumbbells drive elbows back towards hips, squeeze your back at the back every time.

High knees - 2 sets of 40 sec

standing on the ground, alternate lifting your knees up and down, high knees, as fast or slow as you want to go to get your heart rate up.

Superset 2 – 5 sets

Cable Back Row to Fly - 10 reps

Wide grip pull ups (on machine) - 10 reps

Superset 3 – 4 sets

Box Grip Cable Lat Pull Downs - 12 reps

Single arm rope pull downs - 12 each arm

Using the rope on the cables, stand away from the cable bent over slightly, back flat, grab the rope with one arm, pull towards hip then return to starting position, keep arm straight, pull with back


20-30 minutes on the Stairmaster.