Workout Schedule – March

Week 4 Day 4 – Biceps and Triceps

Superset 1 – 4 sets

Single Arm Tricep Kickback - 15 each arm

Concentration curl - 6 each arm (heavy)

Stand in a squat position or sitting on a bench, holding a dumbbell, place elbow just inside your knee, curl the dumbbell

DB tricep push ups - 15 reps

grab two DB and place them on the ground in a triangle position, with your hands on the DB perform a push up on your toes or knees if needed.

Jump Rope – 3 minutes

Superset 2 – 3 sets

Smith machine drag curls - 6 reps (heavy)

using a smith machine, hold the bar with palms facing away from you, drag bar up staying close to your body to 90 degrees keeping your biceps engaged, then lower.

DB tricep roll backs - 15 reps

laying on the ground or low bench, hold two DB’s straight up to the ceiling, bend at the elbows touch the tip of the DB’s on the ground and then roll back and touch the whole DB on the ground then press back up.

Alternating curls (up hammer, down regular curl) - 6 each arm (heavy)

Alternating curls, start with hammer curl up then rotate at the top and come down regular curl style, then switch, alternating the whole time.

Superset 3 – 4 sets

Tricep rope extensions - 20 reps

Using the cable rope attachment, perform a tricep extension, start with elbows in, extend down then return back to starting position/90 degrees

High cable curl - 6 each arm (heavy)

Place the cable to the highest notch with a handle, starting with your arm straight towards the cable, then pull the cable towards your bicep and back, keep your elbow up, focus on only using your bicep to curl.

Jump Rope – 3 minutes