Workout Schedule – October

Week 2 – Day 5 – Circuit Day

Circuit 1

Jack Feet, Tuck In - 4 sets of 40 seconds

Beginning (gram on left) – Walk feet one at a time into chest then walk back out, then walk both feet out to the sides one at a time then back in, keep repeating.

Intermediate (mom in middle) – Just perform a tuck in, driving knees into chest and back out, keep repeating.

Advanced (me on right) – Perform a tuck in and out jumping and then jack feet in and out, keep repeating.

Split Squat Hops – 4 sets of 40 seconds

Start with your back leg on a bench or box and the other leg on the ground. Do lunge hops.

Circuit 2

In and Out Squat Jumps – 4 sets of 40 seconds

Starting with both feet together and both knees bent in a squat position, jump both feet out into a squat, then jump back in. Keep alternating between the two positions (feet together squat, feet apart squat.)

One Arm Burpees – 4 sets of 40 seconds

Standing on the ground, place one arm on the ground and jump both feet back and out to a push-up position with your other arm up above your head for balance, then jump both feet in and jump back to starting position.

Circuit 3

Wide Tuck-Ins – 4 sets of 40 seconds

Start in a push up position on the ground, hands and toes, jump and drive both knees in towards hands then back out, keep repeating in and out, keep core tight.

High Knee Taps – 4 sets of 40 seconds

Beginning (gram on the left) – Using a pillow on the ground, alternate stepping with one foot and tapping other the foot on the pillow. Keep switching and alternating.

Intermediate (mom in the middle) – Using a pillow on the ground, alternate hopping and tapping feet.

Advanced (me on the right) – Using a high bench or chair, alternate tapping each foot on top of the chair. Drive knees up and high on each rep.