Workout Schedule – October

Week 3 – Day 5 – Plyo Circuit Day

Circuit 1

In and Out Squat Jumps - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Starting with both feet together and both knees bent in a squat position, jump both feet out into a squat, then jump back in. Keep alternating between the two positions (feet together squat, feet apart squat.)

Alternating Scissor V-Ups - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Laying on your back, feet and shoulders off the ground, alternate lifting one leg at a time, alternating v ups.

In Push-Up, Out Push-Up - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Get on your hands and toes on the ground in a push-up position, keeping your elbows by your side and feet together. Do a close tricep push up, then jump both feet and hands apart and do a wide push up, then jump back in and keep alternating between the two.

Tuck Jumps - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Bend legs and jump up tucking your knees to your chest.

Circuit 2

High Knee Med Ball Taps - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Grab a med ball or a low step and run in place driving your knees up, alternating tapping each foot on top of the ball or step. Keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

Jack Feet, Tuck In - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Beginning (gram on left) – Walk feet one at a time into chest then walk back out, then walk both feet out to the sides one at a time then back in, keep repeating.

Intermediate (mom in middle) – Just perform a tuck in, driving knees into chest and back out, keep repeating.

Advanced (me on right) – Perform a tuck in and out jumping and then jack feet in and out, keep repeating.

Alternating Bicycle Sprints - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Laying on your back, lift your shoulders and one knee to your chest then back down. Repeat while alternating legs until the desired number of reps is reached.

Handstand Hops - 5 sets of 45 seconds

Starting with your hands on the ground and your butt in the air, put weight on hands and lift hips and feet up in the air. Hopping side to side for the desired number of reps.