“Abs and HIIT” w/Shayfit Challenge


This is a 4-week program that will challenge your full body as well as focus on toning and strengthening your core. Most exercises don’t use any equipment so you can do it anywhere. This challenge is set up to provide easy-to-follow videos and exercises right on your phone! Monday Wednesday and Friday will be Ab Workouts, Tuesday and Thursday will be HIIT workouts and then on Saturdays, we will do a LIVE ZOOM CALL workout with Shay and Jake and everyone doing the challenge! If you live in St George come to Shayfit Gym on Saturdays and do it in person!! Who is ready to get Shayfit?!
For this challenge, take a before picture while holding a piece of paper that says Day 1 and has the date on it. Guys should only be wearing shorts and no shirt for the pic, and girls should be wearing shorts and a sports bra so we can see the progress you make over the twenty days. At the end of the challenge take another picture that says Day 27and the date. Send me both before and after pics to shayfitgym@gmail.com. Good luck everyone!



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