Shayfit July Abs Challenge + Sweat HIIT Bundle

$40.00 $30.00

Purchase the Shayfit Summer Abs challenge and get the Sweat HIIT video program for just $10

The Summer Abs Challenge Starts 5/18, Preorder Now!



About the Shayfit Summer Abs Challenge:

Shayfit Summer Abs is the perfect way to strengthen your core and kickstart that “summer bod” Commit to just 20 days of doing these Ab Exercises. Make sure to take your Day 1 pic before you Start and then Take an After pic when you complete all 20 days! Excited to see everyone’s results! Let’s get Shayfit!

About the Sweat HIIT Video:

This program is a 30 min HIIT workout with a “Core” focus that you can do anywhere! NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! This program is designed to help push yourself to that next level, see results, and reach your fitness goals! Let’s get Shayfit!!


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