Sweat HIIT with Shayfit – “Core”

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This program is a 30 min HIIT workout with a “Core” focus that you can do anywhere! NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! This program is designed to help push yourself to that next level, see results, and reach your fitness goals! Let’s get Shayfit!!

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10 reviews for Sweat HIIT with Shayfit – “Core”

  1. Kim Bradshaw

    Awesome content. Video flowed really well and it was a great workout! Well worth the $20 because I get to keep the video!

  2. Zach Runia

    Shayfit really knows what she is doing. It’s nice not needing any equipment to do these workouts. I never thought I could get such a great workout without any equipment. Great stuff!

  3. Chase Carter

    Killer full body workout. Got the heart beating and the sweat drippin! Love it!

  4. Courtney Otis

    Such a great work out!!

  5. Gideon Keys

    Great workout!! It was a full body killer. My abs are going to be feeling this for days! Can’t wait for more shayfit HIIT workouts!

  6. Morrison


  7. Chase morrison

    STRUCTURE! I’ve tried every diet in the book and none of them will work as there’s no true substitute for exercise. I was always scared to get a work out plan As I thought they would be too hard and I couldn’t do them. Shayfit has a program adaptable and suitable for everybody at all levels and ages. Very easy to follow. Highly recommended.

  8. Whitney

    This was incredible! Its easy to follow and doable for any fitness level. Its quick, so if you don’t have a ton of time, its perfect. Its freaking hard though, so get ready for a tough workout. Love the whole idea behind this- can be done anywhere by anyone. Can’t wait for more.

  9. Tammy Wonnacott

    I’m 61 and LOVED this workout. I really appreciated the modifications, it was easy for me to follow and keep up. I was sweating pretty good by the end- I will certainly be doing it again.

  10. Jimmer Fredette

    Awesome workout when you don’t have access to a ton of equipment. Got my heart rate up and made me stronger all at the same time. I loved the different movements we did, and the core was killer! This workout is Something I will continue to do weekly

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