180 Lateral Raises

Using dumbbells, start with both arms down by your sides. Drive both arms out and up to the top above your head, twist so your palms face each other at the top, then return to starting position.

Cable Delt Rotations

Use two handles on the cable machine and pull the handle towards your chest with your elbows up. Keep your elbows up and lift your hands to the ceiling before coming back down.

Cable Rope Upright Row

Using handles or the rope on the lowest notch of the cable, pull the rope towards your chest with your elbows up and straight out, then return to straight at the bottom.

Decline Push-Ups (Gym)

Using a bench, place your toes or knees on the bench and your hands on the ground with your hips pointed towards the ceiling. Bend arms and drive the top of your head to the ground and back up. Continue until you reach the desired number of reps.

Dumbbell Curl to Press

Using two dumbbells, start with both arms straight by your sides. Bend and curl palms up towards you, then keep pressing and turn palms out to a shoulder press and straighten both arms at the top, then reverse and do the same thing on the way back down to starting...

Rear Delt Lifts (Machine)

Using a machine, place both hands on the handles, starting with your hands by your ankles. Slightly bend at your waist while keeping your back straight then lift and lower using only your delts.

Seated Laterals

Grab two dumbbells and sit on a bench. Start with both dumbbells down by your sides, then lift both arms straight out and up to 90 degrees, then back down to starting position.

Shoulder Press Machine

Using a shoulder press machine, do 5-10 dual presses (arms together) and then alternate single arm presses for 5-10 reps or however many reps the workouts asks for.

Up Up Down Downs

Start in a push-up position on the ground, toes and hands, then drop to one elbow at a time, then press back up one arm at a time back to starting position on your hands, keep walking hands and elbows up up down down.

Walk Outs to Push Up

Bend over and touch your toes, then walk forward with your hands to a push-up position. Perform a push-up then walk hands back in towards your feet and repeat.