Home Workout Schedule – September

Week 4 – Day 2 – Shoulders & Core

Superset 1

Wall Decline Shoulder Taps - 4 sets of 40 seconds

Find a wall or put your feet up on something and place both hands on the ground with head towards the ground and butt in the air. Alternate lifting one hand to opposite shoulder then switch hands and continue alternating through the exercise.

Side Plank Hip Dips – 4 sets of 30 seconds per side

Beginning (grandma on the left) – On your side place both knees down or one knee down, hold yourself up with one elbow, dip hip up and down.

Intermediate (mom in the middle) – On your side hold yourself up with elbow and put one knee down for support or on toes.

Advanced (me on the right) – Perform the dips on elbow and toes, dip up and down.

Curl to Press – 4 sets of 12 reps

Start holding a dumbbell in each hand with both arms down by your sides, palms facing out. Curl both weights up towards body then turn palms out and do a shoulder press to the top, then reverse back down.

Superset 2

Dumbbell Half Arnolds – 4 sets of 15 reps

Hold a dumbbell with elbows at a 90-degree angle with your palms out, then close your arms so that your palms are facing you, then move back out to starting position. Use a weight that you are able to keep your elbows at 90 degrees the whole time while moving arms open and closed.

Plank Walks – 4 sets of 1 minute

Start on your toes and hands on the ground in a push-up position. Step one arm and leg out to the side for 2 then back to the left for 2 plank walks while keeping your core tight.

Dumbbell Front to Lateral Raise – 4 sets of 10 reps

Using two dumbbells, start with both arms by your sides with palms facing towards your body. Raise both arms up and out in front of you to 90 degrees then back down, then lift straight out to the sides to 90 degrees then back down. Keep repeating front to side raises.

Superset 3

Plank Hold – 3-4 sets of 1 minute

Beginning (grandma on the left) – perform a plank hold on both knees and elbows.

Intermediate (mom in the middle) – perform a plank hold on knees or toes and hands.

Advanced (me on the right) – perform a plank hold on elbows and toes, keep core tight, don’t arch back.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises – 3-4 sets of 12 reps

Stand holding dumbbells in both hands right by your sides with your palms facing your body. Lift both arms out and up to 90 degrees then back down to start position.

Up Up Down Downs – 3-4 sets of 1 minute

Start in a push-up position on the ground, toes and hands, then drop to one elbow at a time, then press back up one arm at a time back to starting position on your hands, keep walking hands and elbows up up down down.